It’s Just the Weather, Y’all



Those in the Deep South are not used to hearing the word “snow”  bandied about in December, but we are this year. Those in the Midwest and Northeast are a bit more used to hearing it. Regardless, as we move from fall into winter, we can help ourselves and our clients prepare for the changes. In addition to the Snow/Ice topic page on the EDEN Web site, you have access to and can search the catalog for resources submitted by EDEN delegates.

Tom Priddy, UKY Point of Contact, Extension Agricultural Meteorologist and director of the UK Ag Weather Center, and his colleagues have developed several weather resources that are available to everyone across the nation. From Tom…

UKAWC desktop severe weather information When we trained the meteorology students in my weather class to locate and identify severe weather safe places in all builds across the campus for StormReady, one of the items that everyone wanted was a comprehensive, but concise desktop severe weather web page for campus, which we developed. After we became certified by the NWS, county agents started requesting a similar desktop severe weather page, specific to their county. After presenting this desktop severe web page at the 2004/05 annual EDEN meeting, other schools ask us to develop similar desktop severe weather web pages for their state. The result was a nationwide desktop severe weather service page.

Nationwide rainfall estimate (Not for legal purposes) While every weather office provides local weather and climate date, rainfall totals is one of the most frequent items requested. Problem is…rarely is there a weather station where you need it. A solution to this problem is provided by the National Weather Service’s new web site, Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS). Among other resources, this site provides the Doppler rainfall total estimated for various time periods, (ie., yesterday, the last 7 days…) in a color-code map.

Digital rainfall estimate This service was developed by the UK Ag. Weather Center and provides the above daily rainfall totals for a selected site across the nation. Based on the daily information provided to us from the NWS’ Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service, in conjunction with Google Map, we developed software that will allow the user to zoom into their site for the Doppler rainfall total for the past 60 days. The rainfall estimate is NOT for legal purposes.

The following (2) weather items are used by county offices when they want to setup a weather display at a field day where internet access is available.

  • National Weather Map Carousel display targets weather situation across the entire nation and scrolls from left to right and updates every 30 min.
  • National Climate Map Carousel does the same thing as above except it targets the climate and
    drought situation across the nation and includes medium and long-range NWS weather outlooks.

County-by-county precision agricultural, lawn and garden forecasts Since there is so much weather information available on the internet, we wanted to take everything on a county-by-county level and focus that information on one web page for a given county. Here is the entire nation; and here’s an example of the link for one state.

Farm-by-farm PointAgCast Weather services specific for our nations food production ceased to exist over a decade ago. But technology and internet resources have advance so rapidly, it’s difficult to keep up with new developments. For that reason, we wanted to utilize all of these resources to a new level of weather services that could be used by everyone and benefit our nation’s food production. After partnering with both national and regional levels of the National Weather Service, we developed a farm-by-farm agricultural weather service like never before available to our nations farmers. Based on the NWS’ National Digital Forecast Database, the PointAgCast provides site-specific (2.5 by 2.5 km) precision forecast information that we run through various algorithms to provide added information for agricultural farm operations, such as spraying conditions, drying conditions, livestock cold stress, livestock heat stress, etc. You can use your zip code, your county and state, or zoom into the Google maps to locate your site.

UK AG weather “on the go” Free nationwide weather service on your cell phone. Wonder about those clouds on the horizon? Now the radar and the PointAgCast are available on your web-accessible cell phone. This service combined the NWS radars and Precision Agriculture, Lawn and Garden products on your cell phone.

Regards, Virginia Morgan, EDEN Chair