National Level Exercise (NLE) Puts EDEN Response Notes Through its Paces

Fresh on the heels of the Great Central US Shakeout, folks in the Central US and Washington DC are participating in the largest civilian exercise in the nation’s history: National Level Exercise 2011.

EDEN will be testing its “Response Notes” communications system during this time, with particular emphasis on EDEN’s connection with cooperative extension’s state emergency board activity. EDEN contacts from KY, TN, MS, AL, IN, IL, MO, and AR will test the system by submitting an update today and one Thursday regarding the actual disaster related activities currently being undertaken by the state’s cooperative extension service.

From, more on NLE 2011:

The week-long capstone event in the National Level Exercise in which all participating Federal, State, Tribal and Private Sector entities interact to test the eight overarching Exercise Objectives defined during the planning process for NLE 11 at all levels of government (Federal, State and Local).

We are continuously monitoring real world events and assessing their impact on the exercise. At this time, several adjustments have been made to the exercise, most notably in the level of play for those regions actively engaged in disaster operations. For more information, please visit our blog.

Let’s hope we learn a few things that we never actually have to put into practice.

Best, Bill Hoffman – USDA/NIFA