USDA disaster relief programs that assist individuals and small businesses

The USDA Office of Communications just published an excellent fact sheet on its disaster relief programs that assist individuals and small businesses.

A quote from the fact sheet:

USDA’s authority to provide emergency assistance for its various disaster relief programs exists under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief, Emergency Assistance Act of 1987, Agriculture Secretary disaster declarations, Food and Nutrition Act of 2008, as well as other authorizing legislation.

The disaster education professional will still need to determine which of these programs are applicable for a given crisis situation. One way that EDEN and cooperative extension adds value to this type of official information is to:

  1. Make it locally appropriate and relevant,
  2. Communicate it in a way that the target audience can understand, and
  3. Couple it with existing science-based information.

This annotated list of programs could serve as an “is it or isn’t it available to my clientele” checklist, which could be extremely useful in carrying out the aforementioned process.

Best, Bill Hoffman – USDA/NIFA