Youth and Disaster Preparedness

Rick Atterberry and Steve Cain are at the first “Implementing Youth Emergency Preparedness Into Your Organization” conference. They report that it is going well and may be repeated in the future in the other FEMA regions.

They promise to blog some ideas and how to find out when and where the future conferences will be held. For today they note that FEMA is developing a “Catalog of Youth Disaster Preparedness Education Resources.” EDEN is mentioned, but we need more EDEN resources in that catalog. If you have a resource send it to Rick, Steve or Abby Lillpop and they will compile the list, work with Lynette Black (EDEN youth PAWG leader) and then get this to FEMA. They need Title, Age Range, URL to find out more, and a short paragraph describing the resource.

Is your resource cataloged in the EDEN database?