Prepare for National Preparedness Month

Next month is the eighth presentation of National Preparedness Month (NPM) and the tenth anniversary of the New York Twin Towers destruction. To honor those who died and those who responded to the tragic event in 2001, this year’s NPM theme is “A Time to Remember. A Time to Prepare.”

To get the most benefit from FEMA’s toolkit, you must register. Becoming a coalition member is a simple process and opens the door to lots of resources. Once you’ve registered, you will have the opportunity to join your (FEMA) regional forum where you can connect with regional coalition members. This is an online discussion group that focuses on ideas and topics specific to your region.  

You can also join a national preparedness discussion. This online collaboration allows you to view, create and respond to discussions using the website or directly from your email.

Coalition members have access to customizable products, including a preparedness presentation, and a bill stuffer and posters in English and Spanish.  There are also promotional materials.

EDEN continues to partner in the campaign. Our materials are complementary to those found on the ReadyNPM site. You’ll also see two examples of member institution preparedness efforts.

 Do you have a success story or an idea for promoting preparedness? Please share it with us!