Exciting Opportunity for EDEN Delegates

EDEN has grown a lot in its nearly 20 years as an official entity. We’ve expanded from Extension specialists and educators in a few states banding together to provide resources for communities recovering from devastating floods to a national network of more than 250 Extension specialists and educators who provide disaster preparedness, response and recovery programs across the country. Our work is recognized at the federal level and has led to opportunities such as the recent application request from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).

Beverly Samuel, CFCS, National Program Leader, Housing and Community Living, extended the invitation to EDEN delegates to apply for the Visiting Scholars Program.  The program is requesting applications from faculty and administrators who are actively engaged in EDEN and interested in conducting work that bridges domestic and/or international efforts in the area of emergency preparedness, response and recovery.  A Visiting Scholar will have a joint appointment between NIFA’s Division of Family and Consumer Sciences and Center for International Programs. This is an exciting opportunity to enhance your professional development as well as further EDEN’s exposure at the national and international level. The application package is due June 15.

Speaking of international … EDEN’s current international efforts involve an Ad Hoc subcommittee, an Ad Hoc committee, and an incubator-type project initiated through the Agrosecurity Program Area Work Group (PAWG). Their focuses:

  • Ad Hoc committee: International Partnerships and Opportunities (Contact Peter Barcinas)
  • Ad Hoc subcommittee: International Membership Considerations (Contact Pat Skinner)
  • Incubator project : International Agrosecurity: Invasive Species (Contact Barry Brennan)

If you are interested in knowing more about or would like to contribute to these international efforts, please feel free to contact Peter, Barry or Pat.