Drought NEIL webinars on-line: Critical Issues for the Unexpected Helper Part I & Part II

Disasters bring more than physical devastation, they also bring stress and related mental and physical illness.  And though hosted by the Drought NEIL the information presented by Sherry Nelson, LCSW and Missouri Extension Specialist is applicable to folks impacted by disasters other than drought.

The objectives of the webinar  Part I were for Extension staff to:

Identify signs/symptoms indicating stress; risk of depression & suicide.
Understand how stressors for farmers & their families are similar & how they differ from non-farmers.
Identify ways to reduce stress & when to seek professional help or refer others for professional help.
Learn about self-care tools to reduce their risk of unhealthy stress levels & its impact on their life.
Learn about national resources for help and how to identify local resources.
The objectives of the webinar Part II were for Extension Staff to:
Learn and recognize the signs of depression
Understand relationship between depression and suicide
Understand suicide risk factors specific for farmers
Understand the role we can play in preventing suicide
Learn about national resources for help and how to identify local resources
The webinar links and Resource List  may be found on the EDEN Drought Page — Individuals and Family Tab
Kim Cassel