Family Preparedness Friday

Don’t Become a Zombie

By now most of you have heard of the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse blog post. The original post was released nearly two years ago and caused quite an uproar at the time because the post generated enough traffic that CDC’s website crashed.

Photo courtesy of the Center for Disease Control

I for one thought the original blog post and campaign that followed was genius. I will admit I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead and pretty much all horror movies, but I don’t think that was the reason this campaign was so great. It was great because it worked. It actually got people talking about disaster preparedness – which was the whole point. It’s the reason that those of us in the disaster world do what we do.

I digress.

What really got me on this topic today, because at this point I’m sure your thinking I’ve gone a little nutty talking about something that is two years old, was the Canadian Parliament.  What??

Yes, earlier this week during Question Period, Winnipeg Member of Parliament Pat Martin gave a speech about the dangers of a zombie invasion in the United States becoming a “zombie apocalypse” that Canada most certainly need to deal with, because we know “that zombies don’t recognize borders.”

Please take a moment and watch Mr. Martin’s brief speech and the response from Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird, here.

Kudos to the CDC for creating a campaign that people are still talking about two years later. Kudos to the Canadian Parliament on having a sense of humor. Kudos to both groups for highlighting disaster preparedness.

Be Prepared. Make a Kit. Photo courtesy of the Center for Disease Control

** Attention Citizens of Michigan, Montana, and New Mexico ** There is no need to worry. Zombies are not real. There are no bodies of the dead rising from their graves and attacking the living. Please do not panic.


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  1. Exactly what do you think about the TELEVISION show The Walking Dead? I have actually been enjoying it now for 3 years and I think it simply keeps getting better. If my favored charcters have been consumed by zombies, I enjoy seeing the program every week just to find out! Great site by the way, I have actually invested at least an hour reading through your articles.

    1. We’re glad that you enjoyed looking around our blog. Hope you found some useful information. If you are interested in other disaster information you should check out our website at, but sadly there isn’t more zombie info. 🙂

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